Z Tactical Zatlantci Signal J-PTT

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Z Tactical Zatlantci Signal J-PTT1

Brand: Z Tactical
Model: Z44
Material:Nylon plastic
Material: High quality Plastic
Z 144 Zatlantci Signal J-PTT
Applicable to Z-TAC full range of tactical headset
Use with Z136 MH180-V Atlantic headset to be more professlonal
Tactical back clip can be mounted on tactical vests or any other object

7 Different Plug Styles to Choose.
For Motorola Talkabout Series (1 Pin)
For Motorola GP Series (2 Pin)
For Yaesu Series (1 Pin)
For Kenwood Series (2 Pin)
For Icom Series (2 Pin)
For Midland Series (2 Pin)
For Mobile Phone 3.5MM Version

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