Z Tactical TEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset

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Z Tactical TEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset

Z Tactical TEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset1

Z Tactical TEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset2

Z Tactical TEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset3

The TEA Hi-Threat Tier 1 Headset is a double-earpiece communications interface with output sound in both ear and a microphone on an adjustable boom. The headset works on the basis of bone conduction and is equipped with a noise reduction system. This allows you to protect your hearing and provides excellent reception during combat clashes. Provide excellent reproduction of ambient sounds for clear communication. Suitable for both radio and face-to-face communication.

Brand: Z Tactical
Model: Z110
Material:Nylon plastic
Head band color in woodland.
Adjustable size for comfort wearing.
New design ear cup provide clear voice and comfortable support.
Boom mic with movable arm.
Military standard version plug.
Headband version fits under new or legacy helmets
Low profile design allow wearing under helmet or headwear.
Slim design cups for both right and left-handed shooters.
Can be used in conjunction with "Z046" to mounting directly to the helmet (Z046 not included)
Equipped with two external microphones for exacerbating and reproducing sounds surrounding the user.
In the event of loud sounds, the headset will automatically reduce the volume of the noise, thus protecting the user's ear.
After the disappearance of loud noises headset restores volume to the user.
It has the volume control to adjust to the user's ear.
PTT button is optional.
Digital electronic sound reproduction for excellent sound reproduction and amplification.
Operated by 2 x AAA battery(not included) with Water-Proof Battery Cap.

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