Z Tactical Comtac II Noise Reduction Headset (Multicam)

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Z Tactical Comtac II Noise Reduction Headset(Multicam)

Z Tactical Comtac II Noise Reduction Headset(Multicam)1

Z Tactical Comtac II Noise Reduction Headset(Multicam)2

Z Tactical Comtac II Noise Reduction Headset(Multicam)3

Brand: Z Tactical
Model: Z041
Material:Nylon plastic
With New Military Standard Plug  
Apply to any ZTAC series PTT. Not include PTT
Newest camouflage headband style
Adjustable volume control.
Adjustable size for comfort.
New design ear cup provide clear voice and comfortable support.
Boom mic with movable arm.
Noise cancellation
Waterproof buttons
Powered by 2 x AAA battery (Not Included).
The ComTac is an active-volume hearing protector
Any impulsive harmful noise is immediately attenuated to a harmless level  
When the harmful noise subsides, the hearing function resumes  
Dual ear-cup microphones to let wearers hear ambient sounds 360 degrees along with the capability to suppress gunshots and other high impact noises.
Special material of foam in cousins in each ear cup, provides excellent reproduction of ambient sounds.
Digital electronic sound reproduction for excellent sound quality with perfect location hearing, up to 4 times amplification, it can be use to hearing the whisper of the enemy which coming close, just like a spy.
Electronics will instantaneously suppress harmful impact noises to 82 dBA inside the earcups, while amplifying up to 18 dB ambient noises/voices.
1 AA battery in each cup, 270 hrs battery life, waterproof battery housing design.

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