Tactical Netting Sniper Military Scarf (OD)

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Tactical Netting Sniper Veil Scarf(OD)

Material: 80% cotton + 20% nylon
Size: Approx. 190 * 90 cm (L * W)
This mesh Military Scarf used in all weather conditions, is widely used in camouflage and protect themselves from sandstorms in the open or tactical activities.
Suitable for: Camping, wading, climbing, hiking and cycling...
Features: Excellent elasticity and resistance to abrasion on the condition of dry or wet, small shrinkage, straight and not easy to wrinkle, easy to clean and dry quickly, but can not use a hot iron and dipped in boiling water.
As a scarf or head wrap, this veil has great cooling abilities when wet or damp. It can protect your face and neck from the sun but at the same time it will allow air circulation and won't heat you up.

The Sniper Veil is one of the most practical and effective face veils for hunters in the field. The veil is worn like a scarf and is pulled up to conceal the wearer's face. This sniper veil is made from 100% cotton. It is a very versatile veil that should be in every outdoor enthusiast's backpack. As a one piece camouflage sheet, this sniper veil will keep your head hidden while allowing you to see clearly through it. It can be easily cut and modified to improve your ghillie suit, or to create a rifle wrap or backpack cover.

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