Tactical Boonie Hat (A-TACS FG)

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Tactical Boonie Hat(A-TACS FG)

Tactical Boonie Hat(A-TACS FG)1

Tactical Boonie Hat(A-TACS FG)2

Tactical Boonie Hat(A-TACS FG)3

Tactical Boonie Hat(A-TACS FG)4

The Boonie Hat is a camo hat with modern features. An cinch-lock shock cord can adjust the hat itself for a tighter fit, and the strap also features a cinch-lock for extra security. Prevent Sunburns. The brim of vintage hats can well protect you from the strong sunlight. Keeps the sun off your ears, face and neck all day. Better Protection than baseball caps. Great for fishing, hunting, hiking, or any outdoor activity.

Material: 35% Cotton and 65% Polyester
Head Circumference: 58cm-63cm (adjustable)
The strap can be adjusted to fit your head
Cinch Lock Strap
4 Vent holes help keep you cool and dry.
Adjustable draw string. Helps keep the hat on your head on windy days.
Can be fold up for packing and retains shape.
Adjust to keep hat brim out of your way when needed.

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