TF3 High Speed Body Armor Tactical Vest (Black)

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TF3 High Speed Body Armor Tactical Vest(Black)

TF3 High Speed Body Armor Tactical Vest(Black)1

TF3 High Speed Body Armor Tactical Vest(Black)2

TF3 High Speed Body Armor Tactical Vest(Black)3

TF3 High Speed Body Armor Tactical Vest(Black)4

This TF3 vest comes from the moive Transformer, that's why it's called a "cosplay" vest, nothing moe though, nor did the robots wear this, but would be a must for Transformer's fans, looks so cool! Soft plastic plates making it cooler than original airsoft vests; straps adjustable, so adjust it to fit your size; with 2 hard mag pouches in front; the plate would measure something around 55cm x 40cm, thickness is just about 1 to 2 cm each side. This futuristic body armor looks extremely aggressive when paired with the right accessories. Match up the TF3 vest with a tactical belt and you have the ultimate high speed load out for CQB, field games, and anything in-between. It is the perfect platform for a lightweight load out.

Material: 1000D cordura nylon
Main vest platform made from highly durable, lightweight Nylon Plastic
Waist and Shoulder are Fully Adjustable, Waist can adjust from 30" - 48"
Quick Release Shoulder Clip with adjustable velcro patch inside easy wear.
MOLLE webbing on front panels perfect for Fast Magazine pouches
Strong button rivets secure plates to vest platform
Three adjustable straps on each side for a perfect fit
Cobra buckles hold shoulder straps securely
Shoulders adjustable via velcro overlap and nylon straps.
Light Weight Neoprene Hard Foam Outter Plate at front and back.
FastMAG magazine pouch Gen3 is included
Neoprene Hard Foam plate attached serveral pieces, so you will easily move while on the move Soft Neoprene as inner for comfort 2 rows x 6 columns
The hard neoprene armor plates provide comfortable protection without weighing you down.

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