Plastic Handcuffs Dummy (Black)

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Plastic Handcuffs Dummy(Black)

Come as 3pcs a set
Constructed of heavy duty plastic
Double Loop
A one-time use disposable restraint that can be used on any extremity; arms or feet.
Lightweight & strong strap tie which serves as a plastic handcuff
Easy to carry, an excellent alternative to traditional metal handcuffs
It is a restraint zip tie.
It only can be used for one time,cuffs must be cut to release.
It can be used on both wrists and ankles.
Protect yourself by having the right tools at hand when you need them.

Please take care when applying these cuffs as injury to the wrists may occur if they are fastened to tightly. The quickest method of removal is to use wire cutters, but a screwdriver can also be used on the release mechanism to use them more then once. Keep out of the reach of children.

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