Night Evolution Charge MPLS (Black)

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Night Evolution Charge MPLS(Black)

Night Evolution Charge MPLS(Black)1

Night Evolution Charge MPLS(Black)2

Night Evolution Charge MPLS(Black)3

Night Evolution Charge MPLS(Black)4

Material: Resin polymer and Metal
Can be used for lighting or used to live and mate recognition and use of care maps the dark
Offers four clamps (can rotate 360 ​​degrees)
The MPLS Charge Helmet Light mounts direct to a military helmet rail.
With the flexible neck design, the MPLS Charge provides spot illumination directly where you need it.
The powerful white LED provides general illumination and 3 LEDs to preserve night vision.
Features of the Switch-MPLS: center : white LED - 40 lumens, 7 hour runtime
External : 1 red LED, 1 green LED, 1 IR LED
2" flexible neck allows for easy and precise task lighting
Mounts directly to helmet rail
Includes 2 mounts (for ACH, ECH, Molle)
Easy battery replacement - no tools needed
Powered by a single AA battery (alkaline, NiMH or NiCad)

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