MPLS Headlamp Platform NVG Mount (DE)

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MPLS Headlamp Platform NVG Mount(DE)1

This Tactical MPLS is where the fast and effective capabilities of the MPLS system meet ruggedness and durability. It's easy to aim up or down without removing the helmet and equally easy to turn on or off, as needed. The headlamp is fairly bright at 125 lumens and powered by a single CR123 battery, providing excelled performance in cold weather, light weight, and compact size. Although it provides dual light output modes, it will always turn on in low mode on the Ultrabright setting. Perfect for Airsoft, Military, Duty, Hunting...all kinds of outdoor activities.

Material: Durable polymer construction
Power:125 lumens
Lamp: I Maxbright LED, 3 Ultrabright LEDs( Red/Blue/IR)
Baterry: 1 CR123 Lithium Battery(not included)
Type: Modular Personal Lighting System(MPLS)
IPX4 rated water resistant
Large push button switch located on top of headlamp
Always turns on in low
Asymmetrical single arm bracket allows lamp head to pivot up and down
Can be mounted to NVG mount.
Includes NVG adapter plate and MOLLE/headlamp bracket for attachment to a MOLLE vest or headstrap
Press and hold to switch for 1-2 seconds to switch between secondary LEDs and primary LED
To switch between high and low modes, press and release switch within 1.5 seconds of previous press
Mode switch on the side of headlamp selects between visible and IR light

Step for using:
1- First Press for Red
2- Secod Pree for Green
3- When one color is on, long pree for White

Package includes:
1 x MPLS headlamp with primary white and secondary red, green, and Infrared (IR) LEDs
1 x adjustable cloth head strap
1 x NVG adapter plate
2 x headlamp/MOLLE bracket

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