FMA S-LITE Rail Mount 1913 Strobe Light(Black)

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FMA S-LITE Rail Mount 1913 Strobe Light(Black)

FMA S-LITE Rail Mount 1913 Strobe Light(Black)1

FMA Velcro Hook Base Strobe Light (pink, red/blue/green/orange/white/pink LED)
S-LITE is high performance strobe light system
Can be safety and rescue light device for HIKING, PICNIC, CLIMBING, CAMPING, DIVING, WATER SPORT, AIRSOFT, PAINTBALL...etc
Also suitable for law enforcement and military purpose
High power LED can be used for close distance lighting purpose
Can attach to Helmet, body armor, tactical vest, harness & any BDU with Velcro End
LED Strobe with fast blink, slow blink and constant on functions
Hook and loop backing allows the beacon to be attached to any velcro compatible material
Soft, flexible rubber allows for it to fit to most pieces of equipment
Multiple color choices allows for teams to use as an IFF patch

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