FMA PEQ LA5 Green Laser Light Combo(Black)

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FMA PEQ LA5 Green Laser Light Combo(Black)

FMA PEQ LA5 Green Laser Light Combo(Black)1

FMA PEQ LA5 Green Laser Light Combo(Black)2

FMA PEQ LA5 Green Laser Light Combo(Black)3

FMA PEQ LA5 Green Laser Light Combo(Black)4

FMA PEQ LA5 Green Laser Light Combo(Black)5

FMA PEQ LA5 Green Laser Light Combo(Black)6

Material: Plastic
FMA PEQ LA5 Upgrade Version LED White light + Green laser with IR Lenses
Easily rotate pointer for switching ON/OFF
Selector to switch from 3 modes: Laser / Flashlight / Laser + Flashlight
Fits for standard 20mm rail
Battery: 2 x CR123A batteries or 2 x 16340 / RCR123A 3 v or 3.7 v rechargeable batteries(not included)
PEQ LA5 and function of the AN - PEQ - 15, detail can display PEQ LA5 appearance, details a slightly better. Screw appearance part there is a clear contrast.(Each box has its own exclusive number)
Including: ontology + mouse tail control + special stickers (not including battery)

Under the BUTTON SWITCH control:
AL file - Tactical Flashlight Open Single flash
O - press strong light flashlight to open
P mode - LASER light is on
AL file - press the LASER light, and light the torch at the same time open
DL file --IR turned on Click the single flash,Double-click the long bright

The upgraded version is a model that remarkably improved the appearance texture, color, switch sensitivity, LED brightness, completeness. * Since it becomes overseas imported goods, it is new, but there are scratching and scraping, rubbing, burrs, resin unevenness, remediation marks etc. Please note.
In addition to high light intensity LED light, Green pointer light mode, IR LED mode added!
The IR LED looks a little red with the naked eye. It can be used as supplemental light source when using night vision goggles in the dark.
This model is an upgrade model. Even the same manufacturer seems to be circulating models with different functions or low-priced products with different grades.

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