FMA Lowpro Flashlight Mount (DE)

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FMA Lowpro Flashlight Mount(DE)

FMA Lowpro Flashlight Mount(DE)1

FMA Lowpro Flashlight Mount(DE)2

Metal construction, rigid and durable
Attaches into the offset rail positions, espeical for HK416 rail
It corresponds to M300 / M600. It is also possible for other lights as long as the pitch and structure are matched.
It is a mount base that can be attached to a lightening / heat dissipation hole between the rail and the rail.
Unlike ordinary offset mounts, it does not sacrifice rails, so it is convenient for people wearing many devices and short RAS.
Like the offset mount, it gets closer to the barrel than it is normally attached to the rail, so it is hard to hook the bush well in balance.

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