FMA L4G24 NVG Mount CNC(Black)

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FMA L4G24 NVG Mount CNC(Black)

FMA L4G24 NVG Mount CNC(Black)1

FMA L4G24 NVG Mount CNC(Black)2

FMA L4G24 NVG Mount CNC(Black)3

FMA L4G24 NVG Mount CNC(Black)4

The L4G24 NVG Mount allows firm attachment of a variety of NVGs to a MICH/ACH helmet using an Ops VAS or standard Army shroud. This NVG mounting system allows the mount to "break away" from the base under a stressed condition, such as when prompted by interference during fast roping, maritime operations, hard impact or when entering or exiting mobility platforms. Without the Wilcox breakaway feature, the potential for induced neck injury and NVG breakage are increased. The L4G24 NVG Mounting Systems is featured with a wide range of adjustments to customize the position of the Night Vision Goggle for proper eye position, and provide a maximum low profile position to the helmet.

Material: CNC Aluminum
Accommodates: AN/PVS-7A, AN/PVS-7C, AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, AN/PVS-21, AN/PVS-31, GPNVG-18 BNVS, FGS, BNVD and BNVD-G
One handed operation
Low Profile shape on the helmet
Available in a Flat matte black finish optimized for nighttime covert operations or desert tan
Because it is made of metal, it can support the weight of night vision firmly.
(However, because there is weight, reinforcement may be needed on the mount base of the helmet side.)
This NVG Mount is unique that it provides two modes of operation.
The first mode allows the mount to “break away” from the base under a stressed condition such as getting snagged during fast roping or hitting a hard object when entering or exiting a vehicle or building.  With this breakaway feature serious neck injuries and equipment damage can be minimized or avoided.
The second mode allows the Universal NVG Mount to securely lock the mount to the base.

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