FMA Knvir-14 Signal Light(DE)

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FMA Knvir-14 Signal Light(DE)1

KNVIR-14 is an extremely rugged and low-cost marker beacon. It is used in conjunction with Night Vision goggles (NVG) and other Night Vision devices (NVD), at night, as a covert position marker. It was originally designed as a combat identification marker to minimize fratricide

The beacon has many uses in combat and other covert operations for marking personnel, vehicles, safe pathways, or locations.

Fixed Flash Rate
Common 9V Battery operation
Optional Trip Wire Device
Optional Vehicle Power Supply
Covert Marker for use with Night Vision and other Night Vision devices
240" x 360" coverage
Use to indentify frinendly force positions, demaration lines or perimeters
Size: 1.19" x 0.9" x 0.574" | 31mm x 22.5mm x 14.6mm
Flash Repeat Cycle: 1.3 Seconds (Fixed)
Flash Duration: 20 Milliseconds (Fixed)
Battery: Common 9 volt
Weight: 50g
Light Color: Blue/Red/Green

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