FMA BW 1' Torch Set Of Belt(DE)

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FMA BW 1' Torch Set Of Belt(DE)1

Material: polymer
Fit 1.5'' - 2'' Flashlight
Belt attachment

The FMA Flashlight Holder is designed to allow the operator to securely fasten his 1 "diameter torches to the operator, which is recommended for operators wishing to carry out an ostentatious mode of transport of the flashlight. Modular accessories such as vests, backpacks, etc.

A removable secondary rubber retention strap for additional security during transport. Remove the strap for faster extraction, the holder will continue to maintain a high degree of retention.
A small hole on the bottom rear of the holder allows for drainage of water in wet environments while maintaining a high degree of reduced light integrity if light is accidentally discharged in high-risk environments.


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