FMA 1inch Webbing SPLIT BAR Strobe Light(FG)

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FMA 1inch Webbing SPLIT BAR Strobe Light(FG)

FMA 1inch Webbing SPLIT BAR Strobe Light(FG)1

FMA 1inch Webbing SPLIT BAR Strobe Light(FG)2

FMA 1inch Webbing SPLIT BAR Strobe Light(FG)3

S-LITE Fxukv  Hook Base Strobe Marker Features:
100 Hour Battery Life
Weight: 11g
Fast 3hz Strobe
Slow 1hz Strobe
Constant On Mode
High Impact Material (PA66)
1inch Webbing SPLIT BAR Strobe Light ( red/blue/green/orange/white/pink )
LITEBUCK is high performance strobe light system
Can be safety and rescue light device for HIKING, PICNIC, CLIMBING, CAMPING, DIVING, WATER SPORT, AIRSOFT, PAINTBALL...etc
Also suitable for law enforcement and military purpose
High power LED can be used for close distance lighting purpose
-Can be attached to any 1" MOLLE webbing vest, belt, bag, platform, backpack....etc (With detacheable velcro strap)

The S-LITE Fxukv  Hook Strobe Marker is an LED light system designed for a wide variety of applications. These compact strobe markers can be used for low level illumination, IFF, visibility, or other uses.
The Hook Base S-LITE Fxukv Hook Strobe attaches to any velcro loop or pile sections on packs or other gear. This makes it easy to mount on helmets or hats as a visibility marker.
The S-LITE Fxukv  Hook strobe light is a mult-mode marker, feature a fast strobe, slow strobe, and constant on modes. With extreme operating temperature range, waterproof construction, and versatile mounting options, the S-LITE Fxukv Hook LEDs are ideal for marking gear, individuals, or other illumination needs. The light modules are replaceable, allowing the for the unit to be refitted when the battery runs out.

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