Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2

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Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2

Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2-1

Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2-2

Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2-3

Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2-4

Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2-5

Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2-6

Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2-7

Element HL1 Helmet Light Set Gen2-8

The Element Helmet Light HL1 is a personal lighting system, and fulfills its purpose as such. It also includes all the necessary adapters so we can carry it wherever we want. This lightweight and water-resistant device is a very good tool to use on both caps and helmets, for nightly navigation and for identification at night. The possibility of mounting and disassembling it easy and being able to mount it in other elements makes it practical and versatile. Also the possibility to use the leds of illumination and at the same time the IR led without a big energy expenditure. As for the aesthetics, it makes it perfect for the loadout of the Marines and the Navy Seals.

Weatherproof Polymer Construction
Compact, low-output illumination source for navigation or CQB purpose
Feature 3 Switching Modes ( Blinking IR LED, 2 Blue LEDs & 3 White LEDs) & 3 Level Brightness Adjustment
The white primary LEDs are perfect for close-work illumination such as reading maps and documents, loading gear, or repairing equipment in the field
The Blue secondary LEDs could serve as same purpose in a low-signature, night-vision-friendly colour
One blinking infrared LED that serves as a personal Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) beacon
Slide locking on sides of MICH 2000 by two socket-head machine screws
The IR led works perfect with IR filters or viewers for cameras, you can get to see hundreds of meters.
The ris mount is also plastic and just like the helmet has a button to release the unit quickly. The measures of the adjustments to the RIS are of the standard milspec type and it adjusts very well, very firm and it does not dance.
Package include: GEN 2 Helmet Light, MICH Helmet Mount, 20mm RIS/RAS Adaptor Mount
Power by a CR123A battery(3V) or a 16430 battery.

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