DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask (Black)

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DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)

DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)1

DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)2

DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)3

DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)4

DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)5

DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)6

DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)7

DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)8

DC15 M50 Full Face Gas Mask(Black)9

The M50 airsoft mask looks amazing and made of very strong plastic. It contains high density nylon straps, two nice fan, two detachable filters and two pairs of inner glasses(two pairs of black and transparent inner glasses). Moreover, it has a very comfortable rubber nose and cheek rest. For airsoft it is a pretty and perfectly adjusted mask. It is an excellent halloween mask too. The fans helped remove a lot of the fog in the visor. This air circulation system composed of two detachable filters. The two fans are motivated with AA batteries. Fans are slightly small, but they work very well and help quite to breathe easily and prevent fogging. There is no foam padding on the inside but it comes with a foam sticker that makes the forehead more comfortable. The two visor at it comes with are easy to replace and durable.

Made of Shock resistant Engineering plastic.
One Size fits all.
Powered by 2x AA batteries (not included)
Equipped with two removable canisters -- not for poison gas, but to help keep the air fresh inside the mask.
Unique full face skull design with a fan system that helps protect your eyes, nose and mouth from dust
high density nylon adjustable strap

Package Includes:
1x Face Mask
2x Canister
2x Canister Cover
1x Transparent Lens
1x Black Lens
1x Forehead cushion pad
1x User Manual
1x Lens Cleaning Cloth

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