Cheifs M06 Airsoft Full Face Mask (Wisk)

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Cheifs M06 Airsoft Full Face Mask(Wisk)

Cheifs M06 Airsoft Full Face Mask(Wisk)1

DC M06 Cheap Airsoft Full Face Mask(Wisk)

DC M06 Cheap Airsoft Full Face Mask(Wisk)1

Cheifs M06 Airsoft Full Face Mask(Wisk)2

DC M06 Cheap Airsoft Full Face Mask(Wisk)2

DC M06 Cheap Airsoft Full Face Mask(Wisk)3

DC M06 Cheap Airsoft Full Face Mask(Wisk)5

Chifes M06 Airsoft Paintball Cosplay Full Face Protection Skull Mask. M06 is a paintball face mask, which is designed of skeletons, zombies and beast. Each mask is made from high quality plastic and features adjustable straps, mesh eye cover and internal foam padding for extra comfort.  Does not affect the sense of sight, you can also wear glasses or headphones and ensure aimed shot. It has high wearing comfort, breathable and provides ultimate protection. Eco-friendly, impact strength, lightweight composite material adopted make it non-toxic, odorless, durableand hard to break, which can effectively resist BB balls and withstand the hit of high power airsoft rifle. Impress your friends and team mates with several eye catching designs. Tactical stylish looking. Suitable for face protection during outdoor CS and field paintball, costume for cosplay and party movies.

Material: ABS Plastic
Size: Approx 27 x 21.5 x 17cm (L x W x H)
Comfortable & airy to wear, protective and threatening
Soft padding inside for comfort wearing.
Metal mesh eye shield is fully breathable, allowing air to flow through and won't affect sighting sense.
Comfortable cushions are inside the mask.
Adjustable straps design is easy to wear.
Lens part of the metal mesh can prevent greater than 0.2mm-0.3mm into the sand, can properly protect the user's eyes.
Made of light, soft and high density Resin material, environment-friendly, poison free and odorless.
Ribbon adjusted according to the size of the head.
Light weight, Impact resistant, Wear comfortable.
Perfect for war game, paintball, hunting, cosplay purpose.

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